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Okay the best thing to do is flirt!!! Don't do the Stupid perverted flirting (grabbing his butt, penis etc). Do the traditional twirl your hair etc. Just basically show an interest. Get to know him. One thing to keep in mind is, DO NOT get your friend to tell him you like him!! This tends to turn guys off, like you do not really like them.

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well if you have his phone number you can txt him andleavea kiss at the end of your messages or every so often just throw him a quick smile an just talk to him more..if hes got any brains he will get the hint :)

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Q: How can you drop hints to a guy that you like him?
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What should you do if you like a guy but you drop hints and he doesnt get them?

Tell him that you really like him.

What to do to make a guy like you?

To make a guy like you, you have to be yourself. If you are not yourself than he will never see the real you. You could also drop hints and make sure that you talk to him.

How do you get our best guy friend to like you back?

Well if he's your best guy friend he has to know that you like him! I don't think you should try and get him to like you,just be yourself and drop little hints here and there.

You like this guy who you have 1 or 2 classes with and you think he might like you. What are some good hints to drop?

Just hang out with the kid, get to know him, it'll happen.

Can you drop hints to tell a girl you like her?


How do you tell a guy you like them without sounding silly?

You can drop subtle hints, or you can tell him how you feel by saying that you like him, but in a husky voice. Body language works too!

You really like this guy but you dont know if he likes you how do you know?

Drop a few hints, flirt a little.. and if all else fails.. just let him know you like him

Does a guy have feelings for the girl when he hugs her?

Depends: If you are close with the guy: Maybe, don't jump the gun. If you like him, drop hints. If you are not close: Probably. In fact, if he's been smiling at you, then yes.

How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out And Does He Like Me?

You get a guy to ask you out by leaving him hints here and there and sooner or later he will recognize your hints. I won't promise you he will like you back though.

How do you drop hints to older guys that you like them?

How much older? How old are you?,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pretty much just act like you like them, they will get the point. Just be yourself and you will automatically drop hints without knowing it.

How can you drop hints to a girl that you like?

wink at her. All the time.

How can you find out if the guy you like likes you back?

drop little hints or if your to scared and your pretty good friends with one of the guys friends ask them to find out or if he talks about you