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i dont know go ask them lol ko

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Q: Why did yvette Williams and tonex Williams get divorced?
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How does yvette look like?

yvette Williams yvette Williams

When was Yvette Williams born?

Yvette Williams was born on April 25, 1929.

What is Yvette Williams's birthday?

Yvette Williams was born on April 25, 1929.

How old is Yvette Williams?

Yvette Williams is 82 years old (birthdate: April 25, 1929).

What is the real name of the artist Tonex?

The artist Tonex is now known by the name B Slade. He was however, born on 16th May 1975 as Anthony Charles Williams II. B Slade is an American singer, songwriter, actor, rapper, dancer and producer.

Who are some gay gospel singers?

Two famous gay gospel singers are Tye Tribett and Kevin Terry. Anthony Tonex Williams is another openly gay singer and preacher.

How does Shirley Caesar feel about Tonex being gay?

If Tonex is Gay he knows what the Bible says about Gays.I will not judge that is not my choice that is for God to do.

Yvette Williams won a gold medal in the long jump in what Olympics?

Yvette Williams won gold in the long jump at the 1952 Games in Helsinki. She became the first New Zealand woman to win gold at the Olympics.

What olympic game did Yvette Williams win her gold medals?

Yvette Williams won her gold medal at the 1952 Games in Helsinki in women's long jump. She was the first woman from New Zealand to win an Olympic gold medal.

Are Williams's parents divorced?


Is Leah Williams Divorce?

no, she is not divorced

Who was the first NZ to win a gold medal at Olympics?

It was won by Yvette Williams in 1952.