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Kenny and Joetta? OMG. Nuff' Said. :)

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Q: What kind of relationship does Kenny have with joetta?
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Describe the buster brown trademark Kenny sees inside joetta?


What kind of relationship does Kenny have with his brother Byron?

Being bulled by bryon of course.XD

What does Byron remind Kenny of when he complains about having to take care of Joetta?

Byron reminds Kenny of the time when they accidentally set their grandmother's curtains on fire and both were expected to take the blame and punishment together.

Why does Joetta think that Kenny has changed his clothes in the book the watsons go to Birmingham -1963?

Joetta thinks that Kenny has changed his clothes because his skin looked clean and not dirty like it usually does, making her suspect that he had put on a fresh set of clothes. She noticed differences in his appearance and behavior which led her to believe that he had changed his clothes.

In The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 what was so special about the children's glove?

The glove was special to Kenny because it belonged to his older brother Byron, who always wore it. It symbolized their brotherly bond and when Kenny saw it on the road after Byron left it, he felt connected to his brother. Kenny also felt a sense of responsibility to protect it as a memento of their relationship.

Who are the characters in Watsons Go to Birmingham?

The main characters in "The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963" are the Watson family: ten-year-old Kenny, his older brother Byron, his younger sister Joetta (Joey), and their parents Wilona and Daniel. The story follows their journey from Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama during the civil rights movement.

When was Joetta Clark Diggs born?

Joetta Clark Diggs was born in 1962.

How do you spell joetta's mom's name?

Athlete Joetta Diggs' mother's name is Jetta.

What genre is watsons go to Birmingham?

Historical fiction

What were the important events for Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963?

1) Byron was kissing his reflection in the mirror and his lips get stuck2)Kenny gets his gloves taken by Larry Dunn and Byron beats him up3)Kenny meets Rufus and they become friends4)Byron plays with fire5)Momma Tries to punish Byron by burning his finger but doesn't succeed6)Kenny and Byron have to sign for food7)Byron signs for cookies/kills a mourning dove with one8)Byron gives dove a funeral9)Byron gets his hair done (reddish brown Mexican-style)10)Byron gets his head shaved clean11)Brown Bomber gets pimped O.o :312) They go to Birmingham13)Kenny Plays in the whirlpool (Gets sucked in by imaginary Wool Pooh)14)Byron Saves Kenny15) Joey's church gets bombed16)Kenny goes into the church17)Kenny Tries to save Joetta from Wool Pooh in church but only gets shoe18)Kenny goes home to find Joetta (with both shoes)19)Joetta says she saw Kenny leading her away from church20)Joetta hits Kenny with shoe21)They go back to Flint22)Kenny hides behind couch23)Byron shows Kenny his "Facial Hair" and Kenny sees himself in the mirror and breaks down24)Byron comforts Kenny in the bathroomFrom:

How did joetta help save her brother from getting burned?

by getting in the way so she could not burn him if she tried joetta would get burned by mamma by getting in the way so she could not burn him if she tried joetta would get burned by mamma

What has the author JoEtta Colquitt written?

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