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Of course! Involuntary when you don't have a mental illness.

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Q: Does involuntary mean ability to think?
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What does cognitively impaired mean?

loss of the ability to think

Is a baby's urination involuntary?

Yes. To prevent the involuntary urination i think you have to potty train the baby.

Why do you think we need involuntary muscles?

We need involuntary muscles because then every day we don't have to think how our heart is working .

Why are involuntary muscle cells called involuntary?

You don't have to "voluntarily" think about doing them; breathing is involuntary, otherwise everyone would pass when they went to sleep.

Is the neck a voluntary or involuntary muscle?

neck muscle is voluntary muscle i think this is correct

What word means the ability to think of creative ways to do new things?

The words innovative and imanginative mean the ability to think of creative ways to do new things.

What does it mean when right arm moves without thought?

It means that you naturally move your arm with out thinking that your going to move it. There are two types of muscles; voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles. Voluntary muscles are muscles that you think about to move sometimes and involuntary muscles are muscles that you don't think about moving. An example of an involuntary muscle would be your heart and an example of a voluntary muscle would be your arm even though you don't really have to think about it when you move it.

What does think abstractly mean?

The ability to understand concepts that are real, such as freedom or vulnerability.

Why do you think cardiac muscle is involuntary?

Cardiac muscle will beat on its' own. You don't have to think about.

How are diaphragm muscle both voluntary and involuntary?

It is an involuntary muscle. You do not have to think about breathing, it's automatic.

Are the muscles in the hand voluntary or involuntary?

Voluntary .. you make the choice to for example get a soda can .. blinking, breathing are involuntary you don't have to think about it

What does it mean if a child has an involuntary action such as shrugging?

It means something