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yes it does

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Q: Does the respirometer measures oxygen concentration being delivered within the ventilator circuit?
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How does a respirometer work?

A respirometer works by measuring the amount of oxygen breathed in and measuring the amount of carbon dioxide breathed out. It also measures how long it takes from a breath in to a breath out for normal respiration.

Is it true that The pH scale measures the concentration of hydroxide ions?

No, pH measures the concentration of hydrogen ions. pOH would measure hydroxide concentration.

What do pH measures?

Concentration of hydrogen (or hydronium) ion.

What does a solution concentration measures?

how fast a substance dissolves

What does molarity measures the concentration of?

The amount of a substance dissolved in a liquid

What are the shortcomings of concentration ratios as measures of monopoly or oligopoly power?


The pH scale measures the concentrations of what ions in solutions?

It shows the concentration of H+ ions (if pH is less than 7) or OH- ions (if pH is above 7). pH + pOH = 14

What scale measures the concentration of hydrogen ions?

The scale that chemists use to describe the concentration of hydronium ions in a solution is know as the pH Scale

What does a pH probe measure?

a PH probe measures the concentration of Hydrogen ions in a solution in moles per litre. In less scientific terms it measures how acidic or basic a solution is.

What does an immunoassay measure in a solution?

An immunoassay measures the presence or concentration of macromolecules found in a solution. To determine this measurement it uses an antibody or immunoglobulin.

What is a phenotypic drug resistance test?

Phenotypic testing directly measures the sensitivity of a patient's HIV to particular drugs and drug combinations. To do this, it measures the concentration of a drug required to inhibit viral replication in the test tube.

How many mg are in ml?

That depends on the concentration of the solution. mg measures mass, where mL measures volume.