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Extremely doubtful, unless the trauma produced anxiety or insecurity, which are bipolar triggers.

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Q: Can head trauma cause bipolar disorder?
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What is the leading cause of anosmia in adults?

Anosmia occurs in about 10% of head trauma injuries, and head trauma is a leading cause of anosmia in young adults. In older adults, the disorder is generally caused by viral infection.

Can you cause someone to be bipolar?

Bipolar disorder can run in families. My mother (who is now deceased), older sister and daughter all are bipolar. It can skip generations or only one person in the family can be affected. My daughter's doctor advised that her children run a 25 percent chance of being bipolar.

Can a bipolar disorder be a direct result of an industrial injury?

Absolutely. There are many cases of bipolar or just depression caused by head injury!

Can head trauma cause a meningioma?

can blunt force trauma causemeningiomas

What can cause a head trauma?

Anything that can hit your head with enough force.

Is bipolar considered a psychiatric illness?

A mental ailment known as bipolar disorder (formerly known as manic-depressive illness or manic depression) results in unusual swings in mood, energy, activity level, focus, and the capacity to perform daily chores. Bipolar disorder comes in three forms.

where can i find a wheelchair for transport supporting 300 pounds with fold down foot pedals not swingaway feet because porch is small?

Closed head injury is associated with an increased neuropsychiatric problems, including bipolor disorder, but there is also such a thing as late onset bipolar disorder. Wether you aquired it with your head trauma, or have had latent bipolor disorder which is just now surfacing isn't really an issue on how it is treated. Seak the help of a qualified therapist or join a support group.

What are neurogenic stutterers?

Neurogenic stutterers are those people who have developed the disorder as a result of some sort of head injury or trauma.

What causes trauma?

Two meanings, one physical and one emotional. A physical trauma is an injury, i.e., a "blunt force trauma to the head" might be caused by a bat to the head. There are mental traumas, such as being in war, the stress of which can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the trauma being that one had to kill and watch friends be killed or terribly injured.

What is head trauma?

Head trauma is when you injure your head. It happens when hard force is applied to your head.

What does lithium do if you're not bipolar?

Lithium is primarily used as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder. It is not typically prescribed for individuals who do not have bipolar disorder as it can have significant side effects and monitoring requirements.

Can severe head trauma cause you to be less intelligent?

Severe head trauma can result in cognitive impairments such as memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and reduced problem-solving abilities, which may affect overall intelligence levels. However, intelligence is a complex trait influenced by multiple factors, and the impact of head trauma can vary from person to person. Rehabilitation and cognitive therapy may help mitigate some effects of head trauma on intelligence.