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Salacius Crumb

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Q: Who is jabba the hutt's little companion?
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Did all hutts collect female slaves as Jabba did?

Yes all hutts did for the plesher

Who was Jabba the Hutt exactly?

Jabba the Hutt was one of the last remaining Hutts in power. He ruled over the Tatooine sector of the galaxy until his death, which enraged the remaining Hutts.

What is the name of Jabba the Hutts assistant in Star Wars?

Bib Fortuna was Jabba's right-hand in Return of the Jedi. According to Star Wars comics, he had a predecessor named Naroon Cuthus.

Why doesn't Jabba just attach Leia's chain to something instead of constantly holding it?

Well that would be hard for Jabba to do since it's pretty obvious that Hutts don't get around very well

How old is jabba the hutt?

Chewbacca was born 200 BBY and died in 25 ABY.

What is a jabbaloid?

A Jabbaloid is a being, or piece of matter that relates to Jabba The Hutt from Star Wars, and believes/ follows the Hutts ways of affection. According to Star Wars Legends.

What is Jabba the Hutt's weight?

Hutts are just a fat species it's like elephants they are just big.

Karen traviss why was the book Star Wars the clone war all about Jabba's son getting kidnaped?

Well, first of all, in the pilot film for "The Clone Wars," that was the Jedi's primary mission: to rescue Jabba's son so that they can have free access to the outer rim since the Hutts controlled the Outer Rim.

What was Jabba the Hutts pets name?

Jabba the Hutt had several pets. If you are talking about the monkey-creature that sits on his dais his name was Salacious Crumb. If you meant the beast that Luke fought in the pit than that was the rancor. There is also the frog-creature on the stair named Bubo and often the hutt's slave girls are considered as "pets". If none of these answered your question be more specific.

Is Jabba compatible sexually with humanoid women. Could he get Leia pregnant. If not why does he have girls in scantily costumes?

The hutt species in the Star Wars is hermaphroditic meaning that they have both male and female sex organs. Hutt's usually choose what gender role to take when they reach adulthood, but this can always change with preference. Jabba himself, as many hutts in power usually do, took on the male persona and thus has a male labido and sex organ. Jabba has only once taken a femal persona and that was when he became pregnant with Rotta. Hutts change gender once they become pregnant. As far as compatibility is concerned, while it may be possible for Jabba or another male persona hutt to have sex with a female of another species that does not mean he can impregnate them. While Jabba might enter Leia and ejaculate inside her, his sperm would not be able to impregnate her, do to the differences in the human and hutt species. Creatures can only reproduce with other creatures with a similar amount of chromosomes. That is why it is impossible for a human to impregnate another species. So now to answer your last question about why Jabba has a sexual attraction to other species if he can not ultimately make children with them. It is a similar reason why some humans find themselves attracted to humans of the same gender or creatures of another species. They can't reproduce but they still are attracted to them just like Jabba is sexually attracted to humaoid females. It is even stated in several books that Jabba's harem is considered a perversion by other hutts and only Jabba's wealth and power keeps him from ridicule.

What is the name of Jabba's little sidekick?


How do you beat jabba the hutts palace in star wars the complete saga?

To beat Jabba the Huts Palace play as the character Luke Skywalker. Go through the door on the left then take the next door on the right. Pull the levers and run to Hans Solo to make the short movie break begin. After this ends a monster appears which after it is killed a person can escape out the door.