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Yes, there is multiplayer in minecraft.

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Q: Can you play Minecraft on the internet?
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Do you need fast internet to play Minecraft?

No I have have bad internet but minecraft works good.

Do you need an Internet connection to play Minecraft on XBox 360?

No you don't need an internet connection to play minecraft. Without an internet connection you can't use tools like the leaderboards in Minecraft.

Can you play multiplayer on Minecraft if you have an internet cable?

You can play multiplayer as long as you have internet. Internet cable or not.

What kind of browser do you need to play minecraft?

Any internet browser allows you to play Minecraft.

How can you get minecraft on another computer without internet?

No, because Minecraft is downloaded from the internet for all computers, even though you can play it on your computer without internet once you download and play it at least once WITH internet.

Can you play Minecraft without xbox live?

yes, Minecraft does not require a internet connection.

Is Minecraft not an online game to play?

Minecraft can be played online or offline. When you play online, you need Internet connection and you can play with other people. When you play offline, you don't need Internet connection but you can only play by yourself.

Does minecraft need internet connection?

Yes and no. You need an internet connection the first time you play it, then you can play it offline.

Can you play smp in minecraft with someone next to you without internet?


What do you do if mine craftjar is deleted?

The next time you play Minecraft, if you are connected to the internet, Minecraft will automatically download it.

How do you play Minecraft on computer without down loading?

do it in the internet or iphone and ipads

Can you play Minecraft with the internet on the Wii?

No. Wii's don't support Java applets.