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nope, all that's left is a blank wall, apparently it caved in. but there is no way that I know of to find a mewtwo or a mew in Pokemon silver without pumping it full of cheat codes.

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Q: Can you go to Cerulean cave on Pokemon Silver?
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How do you get to the bottom of cerulean cave in Pokemon soul silver?

you can go to the mt silver

Where is mew two in cerulean cave on Pokemon soul silver?

On Pokemon SoulSilver, to find mew two in the cerulean cave, you need to go to the bottom floor.

Can you get mew in Pokemon Soul Silver?

yes you can all you need to do is get all 16 badges...and then you go to cerulean city then go to cerulean cave and find mewtoo

What is the action replay code for mewtwo in Pokemon soul silver?

just go to the cerulean city cave.

How will you get in cerulean cave in Pokemon fire red version?

You Can Go Into This Cave Once You Have Beaten The Pokemon League. Cerulean Cave Is Where Chanseys And Mewto At LVL 70.

How do you get to cerulean cave on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to beat the elite four, and get the national dex. then go to cerulean city, go past the nugget bridge, and surf on the water. there is a cave,and its cerulean cave

How do you get mewtow in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to Cerulean Cave.

How do you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Blue?

if can go to cerulean cave you can

Do you have to go through Cerulean Cave on Soul Silver to get to Pewter City?


How do you reach the third floor of cerulean cave in Pokemon soul silver?


Were is cerulean cave in soul silver?

from cerulean; go up the bridge to the top and turn left, follow down the grass path and use surf. go down and turn left and their should be an opening (cave entrance). that's cerulean cave.

How do you get past the cerulean cave in soul silver?

you have to go north of cerulean city and go left until you see the grass. then you have to surf down and left and theres cerulean cave. i think you have to get the kanto badges first though.