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you go to vermilion city go to diglett cave put the radio to pokeflaut at the top and spick to snorlax then pas the diglett cave and go to pewter city ;)

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Q: What do you do in Pokemon soul silver after beating the cerulean gym leader misty?
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What to do after beating the 7th gym leader Pokemon soul silver?

Go to the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City.

What Pokemon is in cerulean cave on soul silver?


How do you get Mewtwo on pokemon soul silver?

it is in cerulean cave

What is the forth badge you get in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokémon Silver, the fourth Badge that you get is the Fog Badge and you will get it after beating Morty, the leader of the Ecruteak Gym.

How do you get to the bottom of cerulean cave in Pokemon soul silver?

you can go to the mt silver

How do you find the cerulean city gym leader for soul silver?

Misty is to the north of Cerulean, at the end of route 25.

Where is the power plant robber in Pokemon silver?

Cerulean Gym.

How do you get an odd incense in Pokemon soul silver?

in cerulean cave

Where is the TM for thunderbolt in Pokemon soul silver?

Cerulean Cave

Where do you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Soul Silver?

he is in a cerulean cave i beleive

How do you get to pallet town after beating Pokemon soul silver?

I'm guessing you have to defeat all 16 gym leader's before you attempt that...

Where is cerlean gym leader in soul silver?

After fixing the Power Plant, go to the Cerulean Cape, which is NorthEast of Cerulean City