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you catch it in cerulean cave

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Q: How do you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon soul silver?
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Can you catch Mewtwo?

You can't catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Diamond and pearl and also platinum. But you can catch Mewtwo in heartgold and soul silver

How do you catch a shadow Mewtwo in soul silver?

There is no such Pokemon as "Shadow" mewtwo. There is a regular mewtwo that you can catch like any other Pokemon. It's located in the Cerulean Caves.

Which legendary Pokemon can you catch in soul silver?

You can catch Mewtwo, Suicune, Entei, Raiku, Ho-Oh, and Lugia.

Can you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Soul Silver?

yes you can after get your 16 g b in cerulean cave

Where can you catch Mewtwo in Soul Silver?

You can find Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave.

Where is Mewtwo on Pokemon Soul Silver?

Mewtwo is in cerulean cave and tough to get

Can you catch Mewtwo more than once in Pokemon soul silver?

you can get mewtwo more than once if you get it in firered or leafgreen and trade it via pal park

Can you catch Mewtwo with an ultra ball on Soul Silver?

yes,you can get ant pokemon with ant pokeball.(well,if you're lucky.)

What Pokemon is in cerulean cave on soul silver?


How do you get Mewtwo on pokemon soul silver?

it is in cerulean cave

How do you catch Mewtwo on Pokemon soul silver?

catch a murkrow make sure it stays at level 17 or 18 and only use the move astonish because none of mewtwo's moves will work on murkrow

How To Beat Red In Pokemon Soul Silver?

Just pwn him Catch mewtwo and Ho-oh both level 70 ledgendaries.