What moves does scraggy learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Scraggy learns:

lvl 1 leer

lvl 1 low kick

lvl 5 sand-attack

lvl 9 faint attack

lvl 12 headbutt

lvl 16 swagger

lvl 20 brick break

lvl 23 payback

lvl 27 chip away

lvl 31 hi jump kick

lvl 34 scary face

lvl 38 crunch

lvl 42 facade

lvl 45 rock climb

lvl 49 focus punch

lvl 53 head smash

Those were the moves he learns by leveling up.

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Q: What moves does scraggy learn?
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How do you get a Scraggy that knows Drain Punch?

Drain Punch is one of Scraggy's egg moves so you will need to get a female of either Scrafty or Scraggy as well as males of either Smeargle, Treecko, Grovlye, Sceptile, Mienshao, Mienfoo, Lucario, Kecleon or Spinda that knows Drain Punch and then you can put them into the Daycare and then you can get a Pokemon Egg from the Daycare Man that will hatch into a Scraggy that knows Drain Punch.

What moves can scraggy learn?

scraggy can learn leer, low kick, sand attack, faint attack, headbutt, swagger, brick break, payback, hi jump kick, scary face, crunch, facade, rock climb and head smash. I am sorry. I don't know the levels.

What moves does ash's is scraggy know?

Headbutt Leer Focus Punch Hi Jump Kick

What does Scraggy evolve into?

Scraggy Evolves into Scrafty.

When does scraggy elvolve?

scraggy evolves at level 49

Will ash's scraggy evolve?

No, Ash's Scraggy will not evolve.

What level does scraggy evolve?

Scraggy evolves into Scrafty starting at level 39.Scraggy is #559 in the National Pokedex, and was introduced in the Generation V Pokemon titles (Black and White) where it could be found on Routes 1, 4, and 18, in the Desert Resort, and in the P2 Laboratory. In Generation VI (X and Y), it can be found on Route 5 in a horde.____Scraggy evolves at level 39 but i would give it an everstone until level 53 because it will learn these moves by about 10 levels slower if you evolve it immediately at 39. For the list below the first number will be Scraggy's "Learning Level" and the second number will be Scrafy's (Scraggy's Evolution) "Learning Level" an example is 34,54Facade 42,45Rock Climb 45,51Focus Punch 49,58Head Smash 53,65

What episode does ash's scraggy hatch?

In "Scraggy Hatched To Be Wild!"

Can you get scraggy in an egg?

Yes. You just need a scraggy to make it with

What moves can exeggcute learn?

it can learn Grass and Psychic moves

What level does scraggy evole?

Scraggy evolves at level 39 into Scrafty.

What type of Pokemon is Scraggy?

Scraggy is a Dark and Fighting type pokemon.