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After you gain a companion's loyalty, you can change their appearance, however this change is purely cosmetic and does not affect their statistics.

You cannot change a companion's armour in the same way as in ME1, nor in the same way as you can customise Shepard's armour in ME2. The only thing you can do is give them improvements through the research options.

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Q: Can you change your companion's armor in mass effect 2?
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Mass Effect 2 allows you change your non-armor outfit as well as your armor.

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Omega has multiple armor upgrades.

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How do you change your characters appearance on Mass Effect?

You can only change the facial structure at the beginning of the game, during 'file reconstruction'. After that, go to the equip screen to change armor and weapons.

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In mass effect 2 can you use both the terminous armor promo code and the inferno armor code with the same copy of the game?

Yes, you can. Shepard can change his armour in his cabin, the regular N7 suit is there plus any DLC ones like the Cerberus suit, Collector suit, etc.

How do you get collector armor in mass effect 2?

The collector armor can be found in the collectors edition or in the Recons Operation Pack

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