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There are two ways to get a metal coat on SoulSilver, but you must first have the national Pokedex. If you bring the gentleman's daughter back on the S.S. Aqua on the way to Vermilion City, he will give you a Metal Coat. If you go to the PokeAthlon Dome, you can buy a metal coat on certain days for 3000 points.

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Q: Where to find a metal coat soul silver?
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How do you evolve Scyther in soul silver?

Trade it holding a metal coat

What level does onix elvolve on Pokemon soul silver?

Trade with Metal Coat on it.

Where can you find a steelix on soul silver?

i think in caves,but i'm not sure if their in the can get 1 by giving an onix a metal coat,then trade it

Where can you find a sizor in soul silver?

You can find a scyther at the national park, and if you trade it while it's holding a metal coat, it evolves into scizor. Other then that, it's impossible to get them.

How do you get Scizor in soul silver?

You have to trade scyther while hes holding the metal coat and after the trade it will evolve. You get the metal coat on the ship from kanto to johto good luck :)

When does Scyther evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Scyther evolves via trade holding a Metal Coat.

Where can you get a metal coat in soul silver?

when you beat the game and professer oak gives you a ticket to the ship in olivine city there will be a man in the nw room to were you came in looking for his granddauter after you find her he will give you a metal coat hey i might be ten but i live Pokemon

Can you trade an onix that is holding a metal coat in Pokemon soul silver?

Yes, you can. If the Onix is holding a metal coat, it will not prevent you from trading it, and the recipient will receive a Steelix (because Onix being traded with a metal coat will make it evolve into a Steelix).

How do you evolve Scyther into scissor in Pokemon soul silver?

You need to Trade Scyther whilst it's holding Metal Coat to evolve it into Scizor.To Recap:Scyther ---> Traded with Metal Coat ---> Scizor

How do you make syther evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

you need to link trade while its holding the metal coat

In Pokemon soul silver you sold your metal coat can you get another?

Yes, either get at the pokethon place or a magmite holds one.hope this helped :)

What level does Scyther evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Scyther does not evolve by level. You must trade him while he's holding the metal coat.