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Be the profet...and its just honor guard, not wraith honor guard...

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Q: How do you get the halo wars covenant wraith honor guard?
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What are the codes for the flaming warthog and honor guard wraith in halo wars?

the code comes on the case of the limeted edition halo wars

Is a wraith better than a scorpion in halo?

no scorpion is better the a wraith in halo

If you preorder halo wars limited edition do you get the unsc flaming warthog and the honor guard wrath?

If you pre-order the game, it already comes with the warthog. If you get the special limited edition, you get a code, which you enter on the xbox live marketplace and get the Honor Guard Wraith which is pretty sweet. I got the game today and already tried it out.

What is a redemption code on halo wars?

We will assume that the author of this question is talking about either one of the following: the redemption code for the "flame warthog", the redemption codes for the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack and the "honor guard wraith tank." The code for the "flame warthog" was a limited time offer and only availabe at participating retailers if you pre-ordered Halo Wars. If activated at Xbox Live Marketplace, it will unlock a special in-game warthog with flame decals The codes for the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack and the "honor guard wraith tank" were only shipped with Halo Wars Limited Edition. The Mythic Map Pack code unlocks 3 brand-new Halo 3 multiplayer maps that will not be available until April 9, 2009. The wraith code unlocks an in-game wraith with white decals.

How do you get the honor guard armor in halo 3?

simple, you cant.

Dose Halo wars limeted edition come with halo 3 mythic maps and if so are they downloads?

Yes, it comes with 3. They are Sandbox Assembly and Orbital. It also comes with 1 month free xbox live and a honor guard wraith (that doesnt look to good unless your on red team)

Can you get Halo 3 vehicles on halo reach?

Yes, the ghost, mongoose, wraith, scorpion, banshee, warthog, pelican, all return as well as some new additions in the form of a Covenant vehicle known as the revenent and the falcon.

What is better halo mega blocks red hornet or halo mega blocks wraith?

I wana say the wraith just cus you get more for less

Is the wraith driveable in Halo Combat Evolved anniversary?


Does the Covanent die in halo?

In Halo 3 the covenant does die, the covenant will never be in another Halo game.

Can you spawn an AA wraith in Halo 3 and Halo 3 mythic?

No. You can only access them in campaign

If you purchase Halo Wars do you have to have Xbox live to play on the Mythic map pack for Halo 3 that comes with it?

Yes, you need Xbox Live to download the Mythic Map Pack and to use the "Honor Guardian Wraith" that comes with the limited edition.