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Trade it holding a metal coat

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Q: How do you evolve Scyther in soul silver?
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When does Scyther evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Scyther evolves via trade holding a Metal Coat.

What level does Scyther evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Scyther does not evolve by level. You must trade him while he's holding the metal coat.

How do you evolve Scyther into scissor in Pokemon soul silver?

You need to Trade Scyther whilst it's holding Metal Coat to evolve it into Scizor.To Recap:Scyther ---> Traded with Metal Coat ---> Scizor

What level does Scyther evolve in soul silver?

He doesn't evolve through leveling up. You have to link trade him while he holds the Metal Coat item.

Can you breed a ditto with a Scyther Pokemon soul silver?


How do you get Scizor in soul silver?

You have to trade scyther while hes holding the metal coat and after the trade it will evolve. You get the metal coat on the ship from kanto to johto good luck :)

What level does syther avolve at in Pokemon silver?

scyther doesn't evolve by level. Equip a metal coat to a Scyther and then do a trade via game link and it'll evolve to Scizor

Does hitmonlee in soul silver evolve?

no hitmonlee does not evolve

In soul silver what does dunsparce evolve to?

Dunsparce does not evolve.

Where can you get scyther in soul silver?

Scyther can be found at the National Park during the bug catching contest. It's very rare to find a Scyther though (about a 5% chance). Google, my friend.

How do you evolve magneton in soul silver?

You can't evolve magneton in soul silver. You can only evolve it by trading it back to Diamond or Pearl and training it at Mt. Coronet.

Does ledian evolve in soul silver?