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Q: Can you breed a ditto with a Scyther Pokemon soul silver?
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Will Scyther breed with ditto?

Everyone knows that Ditto can have eggs with more then one Pokemon but not scyther! No Pokemon can have an Egg with scyther because its not even part of the egg groups and its not my say its the Pokemon platinum guide say! I know you feel bad so I will tell you what Pokemon Ditto can have eggs with.Ditto+manaphy=phione. Ditto+Metagross=Beldom. Hope I helped!

What Pokemon can you breed Ditto with?

Everything except for legendaries and another ditto. In Pokemon Gold and Silver, you could breed two dittos.

Can beldum breed in Pokemon soul silver?

Yes, Beldum can breed but it can only breed with Ditto.

Which Pokemon can breed with Ditto on Pokemon Pearl?

Any Pokemon that can breed, can breed with Ditto.

Can Snorlax breed with Ditto?

any Pokemon can breed with ditto except legendary Pokemon and ditto. in other words, you can't breed a ditto with a ditto

How can you breed a Ditto?

You can't breed them like ditto ditto you can breed them with other pokemon and you'll get the same pokemon in an egg

What happens when you bread a magmar and a Ditto in Pokemon soul silver?

If you breed magmar and ditto, you will get and egg that will hatch into magby.

Can a girl Charizard breed with a Ditto in Pokemon white?

Any Pokemon that can breed can breed with a ditto.

How do you breed mrmime to get mime jr in soul silver?

You breed it with a Ditto. Any Pokrmon bred with Ditto wll make the unevolved version of that Pokemon.

Can you breed Ditto and Infernape?

Any Pokemon can breed with ditto.

What Pokemon can lay an egg in Pokemon soul silver?

any pokemon except legendarys. there are categorys of witch pokemon can breed with other pokemon but all can breed with ditto :)

Which Pokemon can breed with cressilia?

ditto is probably the only Pokemon that can breed with cresselia they are really rare to find in sinnoh so the best way is to go get a ditto from heart gold or soul silver

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