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Any Pokemon that can breed can breed with a ditto.

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Q: Can a girl Charizard breed with a Ditto in Pokemon white?
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Can vulpix and Charizard breed in Pokemon white?


What Pokemon can breed to get snivey in Pokemon white?


What Pokemon can make eggs with Ditto in Pokemon white?

Any Pokemon can breed with Ditto unless they are legendaries.

Is there a Pokemon like ditto in black or white that you can breed with any Pokemon?

You can get Ditto in the Giant Chasm after you get the National Pokedex.

Which Pokemon can breed with crustle in Pokemon white?

ditto or mew, any of those

I have a shiny zorua egg that also has pokerus in Pokemon white. Can anyone trade it for a Charmander. You can also breed with a Charizard and ditto. My friend code is 2150 7436 8450?

What level do you want it at

What Pokemon on Black and White can breed with anything?

Ditto can breed with anything except legendaries.

Can you mixbreed on pokemon white?

no. But you can have ditto or mew breed with other pokemon, they can transform into any pokemon

How do you breed zoura on Pokemon White?

By getting a ditto and having them be in the daycare.

Can you breed with zorou in pokemon white?

use a ditto. it breeds with everything

Is it possible to breed a tepig in Pokemon white?

yes if you have one and a ditto

Can a Ditto and Samurott breed in Pokemon white?

Yes, they can they will have an oshawott egg.