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Ditto can breed with anything except legendaries.

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Q: What Pokemon on Black and White can breed with anything?
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Can you breed Zekrom in Pokemon black or white with ditto?

No Unfourtnatley not. Zekrom or Reshiram cannot bread with anything

How do you breed shiny Pokemon in black and white?

the daycare

Can you breed Victini in Pokemon Black and White?

No, Victini is unbreedable.

How do you breed a manaphy in Pokemon black or white?

Ejaculate over your Gameboy

Can you breed a Zekrom and a Reshiram in Pokemon Black or White?

impossible compadre!

Can you make an egg in Pokemon Black and White with zecrom and resheram?

Legendary Pokemon cannot be breed.

Can a starter Pokemon produce and egg in Pokemon Black and White?

yes if you breed one with a ditto they can make eggs

Is there a Pokemon like ditto in black or white that you can breed with any Pokemon?

You can get Ditto in the Giant Chasm after you get the National Pokedex.

Can you hatch a legendary in Pokemon black or white?

No you cannot. Legendary Pokemon can't breed (make eggs). Not even with Ditto.

How do you breed Pokemon in Pokemon Red?

you cant only in Pokemon gold, silver, crystal, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and pearl and in black and white(:

Can a girl Charizard breed with a Ditto in Pokemon white?

Any Pokemon that can breed can breed with a ditto.

Where do you find a place where you can breed a Pokemon in black and white?

The Day Care found near the beginning of the game