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You can find Flaaffy's in route 42 and 43.

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Q: Where do you find flaaffy in SoulSilver?
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Where and how to find an Ampharos on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can only obtain an Ampharos if you level it up from a Flaaffy. A Flaaffy can be caught on Routes 42 and 43.

When does Flaaffy evovle from Pokemon SoulSilver?

Flaaffy evolves at level 35 into Ampharos.

Pokemon soulsilver what level does flaaffy evolve?

In Pokemon soul silver flaaffy evolves at level 30. I have an ampharos and its really strong and it has really close friendship with me! Hope this helps!

Where do you catch Flaffy in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Flaaffy can be found on routes 42 and 43. Or if you already have a Mareep, you can evolve that

Where can you find a flaaffy in Pokemon HeartGold?

mostly i find it in the safari park

What level does mareep evolve in soulsilver?

A Mareep evolves into Flaaffy at level 15, and later into an Ampharos at level 30 or 32, i don't exactly remember.

Where do you get Flaffy on SoulSilver?

Routes 42 and 43. Alternatively, you can catch its unevolved form Mareep in route 32, which is a bit earlier in the game. Mareep evolves into Flaaffy at level 15.

What type of Pokemon is Flaaffy?

Flaaffy is an Electric type pokemon.

When does flaaffy envole?

flaaffy evolves into ampharos at lv 30

Pokemon heartgold where to find flaaffy?

At Lake of Rage or you can find Mareep just sout of Violet Town.

Can you evolve flaaffy with a stone?

No, Flaaffy will evolve naturally into Ampharos at level 30.

What level does flaaffy evolve in Pokemon XD?

Flaaffy evolves at level 30.