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At the very end of Dragon Ball GT, before Goku rides into the sunset on Shenron's back, Goku tells Vegeta that he is the Earth's new protector. He "hands over the torch" (as the saying goes) to Vegeta. As for what Vegeta does after being told this, we do not know. We can assume he spent the rest of his life on Earth, living at Capsule Corporation as the Earth's defender. A sad note is that since Saiyans live longer than humans, it is safe to say that Bulma dies before Vegeta does and so Vegeta probably spends the last few years of his life without a mate, living in desolation at Capsule Corporation. A rather depressing ending for the Prince of All Saiyans.

He never fully gets his old princely honor back, but he does gain for himself a healthy family and a role as an upholder of all things righteous. But by the end of Dragon Ball GT, he at least seems semi-contented with his somewhat anticlimactic lot in life. He has pretty much accepted that he is second to Goku and tries to make the best of it.

By the end of the entire Dragon Ball/Z/GT series, he has morphed from a ruthless, bloodthirsty killer into a noble, weathered warrior with a family of his own and a valiant heart, while still retaining the rough arrogance we have all come to love. So his life story does have a happy ending, although dampened slightly by his disappointments.

He didn't expect this kind of ending. But life's like that. A person's outlook on life depends on their reactions to what it throws at them. And in the end, Vegeta reacts fairly well to what his ending entails.

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Q: What happen to vegeta at the end of dragonball gt?
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