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Q: How old is goten at the end of dragonball gt?
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Is gotenks in dragonball gt?

no, because Goten and Trunks never fuse in GT

What is the hairstyle that Goten from Dragonball GT wears?

It is his fathers hairstyle.Goku is his father

Did goten had a lover?

Yes. In Dragonball GT, he dates a girl named Valese.

How old is trunks is gt?

Trunks is 28. He was born in the Androis Saga and was 1 years old. He is 1 year older than Goten. During the Buu Sagas (7 years later), he is 8 years old. In the end of Dragonball Z(10 years later), he is 18 years old. Dragonball GT takes place 10 years after Z.

Does goten go ssj 2 in dragonball gt?

Yes in episode 37 or 38

Can Goten turn SSJ4?

No, Goten was not shown having the ability to transform into super saiyan 4 over the case of DragonBall GT.

How old was gohan at Dragon Ball gt?

gohan is about 38 in the start of dragon ball gt. No. Gohan at the end of Dragonball Z was 28 years old because he has pan at 22. she was six in her first appearence. which means in GT she was 12 because it was a six year break from Dragonball z to GT> so Gohan in GT was 34 years old... Gohan- 34 Goten- 23 Trunks-24 Goku- 51 i dont know Vegetas age

How old is goten in gt?

27. When he first appears he's 7(announced during the tournament). His next appearance takes place 10 years later(according to the manga) making him 17. GT takes places another 10 years later(not 5 as some people claim), so he's 27.

What episode in dragonball gt did goten and valese had their first date?

Episode 25 ( Baby's Arrival)

What will nicktoons do after dragon ball gt end?

DragonBall GT is meant to be the end of the series, after that they finish, but they did make DragonBall Z Kai from 2009-2011.

Did Gohan die in DragonBall GT?

he died by old age

How many dragonball gt episodes are there?

there is 154 episodes in dragonball gt