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You cant, but you can catch it's pre-evolution: Beldum, in the Safari Zone.

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Q: Can you get Metagross in soul silver?
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Where do you find metagross in soul silver?

You cant find Metagross, but you can find Beldum and Metang in the safari zone once getting the national dex.

Do Garchomp Mewtwo Gyarados Metagross Gengar and Blissey make a good team in Pokemon Soul Silver?

helll no

Where is rock tunnel in soul silver?

in soul silver

Which of these is the real game that's coming out Pure Silver or Silver Soul?

Neither. The new game is called Soul Silver, not Silver Soul.

Where is enthrix city in soul silver?

no such thing not in soul silver

Can you get Articuno in silver?

As in soul silver? Yes you can is soul silver. At the bottom of seafoam islands.

Should you get Pokemon Soul Silver?

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

Where is professor Rowen in soul silver?

Professor Rowan isn't in Soul silver

How do you get ice fossils in soul silver?

you can't ice fossils in soul silver

Can you get a vulpix in soul silver?

Yes you can but only in soul silver not in heart gold.

Where do you get the friend code in soul silver?

you don't have friend codes in soul silver.

How can you get the blue orb in soul silver?

you can't its only available in heart gold. Just like for soul silver you can only get the red orb in soul silver