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you don't have friend codes in soul silver.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-29 03:58:55
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Q: Where do you get the friend code in soul silver?
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How do you get a friend code in soul silver?

if you want a pokemon soul river friend code put in shane and the code is 348235686783

Where do you find you find your friend code in soul silver?

in the pal pad

Does anyone want to trade Pokemon on soul silver?

i will my friend code is 1205 3764 6157

Does anyone have rare Pokemon that they are willing to trade in soul silver?

yeah i have a few. what is ur friend code?

How do you exchange friend codes in soul silver?

You will need to find people online at message boards and give them your Friend Code in Pokémon SoulSilver and they will give you the Friend Code from the game that they will be trading with you with.

How do you find your friend code in soul silver?

Open up your palpad in the key items pocket of the bag. and press {your player name here}'s friend code.

Can the Nintendo 3DS register DS lite friends?

The 3DS itself has a universal friend code that is used on all the 3DS games and applications the player uses. It means they only need to add a friend once, by adding their 3DS code, they can play multiplayer in any 3DS game that supports it. For regular DS games, it is the game itself that has its own code, so you'd register your friend's Soul Silver friend code on your own Soul Silver, etc, whether you play it in a 3DS or the older models. You could not though add someone's Soul Silver code to the 3DS friend list.

My Pokemon soul silver friend code 4598 2674 4143 yours?

mine is 4082 9215 0629

How do you use your pal pad on soul silver?

you hook up with your friends then ask for there code then tell the pal pad your friend name then when your friend call or what ever . it will say that it is your friend . it says your friend name

Is there an ar code to get Kyogre in soul silver?


Shiny Pokemon code for soul silver?


999 master ball code soul silver?


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