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you either have to trade with a friend or use an action replay code to catch another trainers Pokemon.

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Q: How do you get All the johto starters in Soul Silver?
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How can you get all the johto starters in soul silver?

You can't- unless you trade

How do you get all 3 of the Johto Starters in Pokemon Soul Silver without trading?


Can you enter all Pokemon regions in heart gold and soul silver?

no only johto and kanto but you can get the 3 hoenn starters

What do you do after you get all the starters in Pokemon soul silver?

Train them!

How do you get through mt silver in soul silver?

defeat all the gym leaders in johto and kanto hope this helps

How do you ge all three starters in Pokemon soul silver?

Get a friend to trade them to you.

Is bulbasuar in heart gold and soul silver game?

Once you defeat the all the Gym leaders from Johto and Kanto and the Elite Four go to Prof. Oak in Pallet Town and he will give you one of the Kanto starters.

Can you get all the johto Pokemon in Pokemon soul silver?

You should be able too by trading Pokemon.

How many Pokemon are there to see in johto on soul silver?

256 pokemon. But all together 493.

Where do you get the masterball in soul silver?

you get it once you have all the johto gym badges then go to Professor Elm and he will give it to you

Where are all the Kanto gyms in soul silver?

You need to complete the gyms and the elite four in johto first

Where do you find all flutes in soul silver?

keep seaching in kanto and johto everywhere and you"l find it