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You can access Cerulean Cave in SoulSilver after you get all 16 gym badges (Johto and Kanto).

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Q: How do you get into cerulean cave in soul silver?
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Where is meotwo in soul silver?

Cerulean Cave

How do you get Mewtwo on pokemon soul silver?

it is in cerulean cave

What Pokemon is in cerulean cave on soul silver?


How do you get to the middle of Cerulean cave in soul silver?

GeT mew

Can you get Mewtwo in soul silver?

yes you can,in cerulean cave

Where do you find Mewtwo in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can find Mewtwo in the back of Cerulean Cave.

Is it impossible to get to Mewtwo in Soul Silver?

no.its in cerulean cave.

Where do you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Soul Silver?

he is in a cerulean cave i beleive

How do you get an odd incense in Pokemon soul silver?

in cerulean cave

Where is the TM for thunderbolt in Pokemon soul silver?

Cerulean Cave

What is in the Cerulean cave in soul silver?

The cerulean cave is behind that man that says u need all badges to get through. It is in cerulean city

How do you get to the bottom of cerulean cave in Pokemon soul silver?

you can go to the mt silver