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After you beat the 4th, grass, gym you can go to the middle house in the bottom right of the city and grab a vulpix from the lady in there. If you check the Vulpix, it has HM 04, strength, as a held item

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Q: Were is hm strength in Pokemon ash's quest?
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How do you get strength in Pokemon Red version?

To get the HM Strength in Pokemon Red you need to do a little side quest. This quest involves finding the Safari Zone Warden's missing Gold Teeth which can be found in Area 3 of the Safari Zone itself. After finding the Gold Teeth and bringing them back to the warden he will give you the HM for Strength.

How do you move rocks in Pokemon Silver?


What Hm Is strength on Pokemon pearl?

HM 4

Where do you get the strength hm in Pokemon platnium?

you can get it in pokemon platinum!

How do you get hm strength in Pokemon zeta?

HM 4 Strength can be obtained from one of the houses in Nimbasa.

How do you get the hm strength and defog on Pokemon Diamond Version?

you get hm strength and hm defog after defeating two gym leader.Fantina(defog) Byron(strength).

How can you teach a Pokemon the move strength?

By using the HM Strength.

What is the HM you get in the lost tower on Pokemon diomand?

HM 06 strength

Where do you get Hm Strength in Pokemon liquid crystal?

go to olivine..find a tavern near the pokemon center..a sailor will give you STRENGTH HM

What TM or hm does your Pokemon have to know to push large boulders in Pokemon platinum?

its a hm and its called strength

Which HM allows boulders to moved in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The HM strength

Where is the TM strength in Pokemon HeartGold?

first off, strength is an hm.