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yes it's this is the code...





by:BlackLeg Sanji

if that code not work... text me


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Q: Can you decorate your secret base with more than 16 items in Pokemon sapphire?
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Where do you get secret power in Pokemon HeartGold?

you don't. you use it in Pokemon sapphire to make your secret base.

Can you clone items in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can clone items in Pokemon Ruby. You can accomplish this by attaching the item to the Pokemon you are cloning.

How do you get items underwater in Pokemon sapphire?

press a on the rocks

On Pokemon Sapphire what do you use the itemfinder for?

Youuse it to find hidden items.

Is there a cheat that really works for infinite items on Pokemon sapphire?

yes here it is: Infinite Items A1d75fbccec709e8

Can you duplicate items in Pokemon sapphire?

if you want a Pokemon to clone and hold an item, you will just delete your profile.;)

What does RSKey items mean in Pokemon Emerald version?

Ruby & Sapphire Key

How do you pick up items underfoot in Pokemon Sapphire?

Use the itemfinder then press A.

How do you put an experience share on a Pokemon in sapphire?

Just go to your items and then press A then press A on put on pokemon then put it on the pokemon you want it on

How do you rotate items in your secret base in Pokemon diamond?

You can't rotate items. They stay in the direction you get them in.

How do you get dexos in Pokemon Sapphire?

If you mean, de-evolutionary items, they don't exist. However, a Pokemon CAN hold an everstone, which prevents evolution (while holding it).

In ruby were can you buy Pokemon with coins?

You can't. In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald you can only buy items, TMs and dolls.