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Any type can defeat a Water-type, but they are weak against Grass and Electric. It halves the damage on Fire, Water, Ice, and Steel-type moves.

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Q: What type of Pokemon beats a water type?
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What type of Pokemon beats water Pokemon and is a poison type of Pokemon?


Can a Pokemon be a type and the type that beats the other type water and fire for example?

no Actually yes. There are some Pokemon (dewgong for example) that are water and ice and ice beats water.

What type Pokemon beats water pearl?

grass types

How do you complete the battle tower for diamond?

First see what Pokemon they have then remember the Pokemon and the type they are. Get the types that's good against the Pokemon they have and train them to level 100. Water beats Fire Water beats Rock Fire beats Grass Fire beats Ice Fire beats some Bug Grass beats Water Grass beats Rock Ground beats Fire Ground beats some Bug Psychic beats ghost ... ... ...

What type of pokemon beats water?

electric and grass types

What beats rock type Pokemon in pk indigo?

Rock-type Pokémon are weak against Water and Grass-type Pokémon.

What type beats water type Pokemon?

Electric and Grass types. There is a three Pokémon pinnacle composed of Fire, Water and Grass types. It's like paper, scissors rock. Fire beats grass, grass beats water and water beats fire. The electric type is sometimes considered to wriggle its way into the pyramid. Other three-Pokémon pinnacles also exist in the games, (example Psychic, Fighting and Dark types)

What Pokemon beats gym leader roxanna?

Any fighting, water or grass type Pokemon even ice

What type of pokemon beats fighter type pokemon?


How do you make all chambers full tempo in Pokemon XD full?

You just need to get a good ring on all of them, which will require a good amount of Pokemon purified. For example, Water Type -> Fire Type -> Ice Type -> Grass Type would work since: Water beats Fire, which beats Ice, which beats Grass, which beats Water, and keep going in the cycle. Also, for some reason, you can use Normal Type -> Normal Type -> Normal Type -> Normal Type.

What type of Pokemon beats ice?

Grass, Flying and Rock types.

What beats metal type Pokemon in pearl?

Fire type is super afective, Water is also very good.