Moshi how to visit someones house?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if u want 2 visit them when u c them in the street and when their profile comes up click the button that says visit me. alternately if they r youre friend go on 2 youre friends tree and click on them.

my moshi name is angel131066 add me

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Q: Moshi how to visit someones house?
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How do you visit someones room on moshi monsters?

Just go to your friends tree in your house and type the owner name and click view.

What is it called when you spend 3 days at someones house?

A visit as a house guest.

Do you have to be friends with someone on moshi monster to visit their house?

no u do not have to be friends with someone to visit their house, here are a few ways u can visit someones house if ur not friends with them: 1: type the username in the search box which u find in ur friend tree. 2: if ur lucky, u'll find them on the streets. if u do, click on the monster, then click visit house. hope this helps!!

Can you get Roary Scrawl as your best friend on moshi monsters?

No, you cannot even visit his house.

How do you go to someones profile on moshi monsters?

You need to visit the monsters room and then, to the left above mood, you'll see a button which says view profile.

Can you have someones membership account for Moshi Monsters?

Sharing accounts on Moshi Monsters isn't allowed.

Where can you use ID numbers in Dragon Fable?

you use them to fight people in pvp or you can use them to visit someones house

Someones password to their moshi monsters?

type in poo from thomas fair.

How do you rent the for rent house on Moshi Monsters?

You can not rent the "For Rent" house on Moshi Monsters. The house is used as part of a Super Moshi Mission.

How do you get a double room on moshi monsters?

You are able to buy different rooms for your monster's house, if you are a Moshi Member.Use the map to visit the New Houses! shop on Ooh La Lane. You can buy up to 4 more rooms for your house. Every room you buy will make your house taller!

How do you get Pip moshi?

on a moshi house playset

How you get a a monstar rating in moshi monsters?

The more people that visit your house, the higher monstar rating you get. Its good to be popular and have a lot of friends. It helps.