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no u do not have to be friends with someone to visit their house, here are a few ways u can visit someones house if ur not friends with them:

1: type the username in the search box which u find in ur friend tree.

2: if ur lucky, u'll find them on the streets. if u do, click on the monster, then click visit house.

hope this helps!!

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Q: Do you have to be friends with someone on moshi monster to visit their house?
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Which moshi monster has the most friends?

The Moshi Monster With Most Friends is adam999111000 with 531 friends

How do you get the friends trophy on Moshi Monsters?

You get this when someone invite you to play this game.Click Invite friend get rox below your moshi monster screen to invite friend.

How do you visit your friends house on moshi monsters?

From the friends tree, click on the monster owners name, and you'll be taken right away to their room.

Is Moshi Monsters a kids chat line?

No, Moshi Monsters is an interactive online game. The game involves adopting a pet Monster, playing games, keeping your Monster healthy and happy, decorate your house, plant seeds to attract Moshlings, and contact Moshi Monster friends.

What happens if you are a Moshi Member?

When you become a Moshi Member, you get to play with your monster. You get a house and can add friends. You can buy things for your Moshi Monster and play games. You can attract moshlings to your moshling garden. Paid Moshi Members can also complete Super Moshi Missions and have access to all areas of the Moshi Monsters web site.

Who should you be friends with on Moshi Monsters?

There are many members of Moshi Monsters to be friends with. WikiAnswers will not provide usernames of members for you to be friends with. However, you can find plenty of members to be friends with on Moshi Monsters.

How do you get codes for your house in moshi monster?

well all you have to do is buy a moshi monsters moshi magazine and then there will be some codes in there for your house. but beware, it can only be used once. if you gave it to your friends then sadly it wouldn't work because you've already used it!

How do I be a monstar in moshi monster?

Try and get loads off friends.

How do you invite people to your house in moshi monsters?

You don't invite them to your house. If they want to visit you, they click on you in there friends tree. If they are not your friend, click on your friend in the Friends Tree, and then click on the monster in your friend's friend tree.

How do you fill in the booklet on moshi monster?

When your in your house on Moshi Monsters click on View Profile

What are all moshi monster cuddly toys?

there tos to play with your friends

Where do you get moshi monster clothes on moshi monster?

you can get moshi monster clothing at the marketplace on sludge street