Who are the voice judges 2018?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Season 14 of The Voice will premiere in February of 2018 with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson as coaches.

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Q: Who are the voice judges 2018?
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Who are the 4 judges on the voice?

The current judges on The Voice U.S. are: Usher Shakira Adam Levine Blake Shelton

How many judges are on The Voice?

There are four judges on The Voice the year of 2013-2014. Depending on what might happen later on. This probably wouldn't happen, but they might add more judges or get rid of some later on in the near future. Meaning who knows if the next season will have different or less/more judges.

What celebrities turned down the opportunity to be judges on the Voice?

Information on only two celebrities was found to have turned down requests to be judges on the Voice. The only two found in this search were Pink and Toby Keith.

Do voice judges know who is singing?

No, in the show they each have a chair that is turned the opposite way of the contestant. If they like the contestants voice they will press the button which spins them around to face the contestant.

Who are the judges in the Arabic version of the voice?

Sherine, saber rubahi, assi el helani, kazem el saher

Why do the judges on the voice wear the same thing every night in live shows?

The judges on The Voice wear the same outfit every night in the live shows to ensure consistency in editing. This allows the production team to easily mix and match footage without the judges appearing to jump around in time during editing. It also helps maintain a cohesive look for each episode.

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Are the singers in The Voice a TV series allowed to sing one of the judge's songs?

yes , they are allowed to sing one of the judges songs if they WANT to . Byee

What do you need to do to apply to be on the x factor as a contestant?

a great voice amazing aspect something different and just be yourself i bet you will blow away the judges

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