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You change the ball by, at the character selection screen, when it starts to go black, hold down left or right, up or down on the control pad.

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Q: Is the Wii sports bowling ball pink or red?
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How do you get a golden ball on Wii sports?

When bowling is loading hold right to get the golden ball

How do you get a shiny ball in bowling on Wii sports?

That shiney ball in Wii bowling is actually a privelege. If you are in the pro level on Wii bowling, then you will get the sparkles. If your pro level goes under the pro limit, then the sparkles go away. In other words, you have to earn the sparkle ball.

What is a gutter guard in Wii Sports Resort Bowling?

They are the protectors on each of the side of the bowling area, with which the ball doesn't go into the gutter.

Can you play bowling on Wii sports resort?

Yes, bowling is one of the games on Sports Resort for the Nintendo Wii.

What is the record for Wii sports bowling?

My top record for wii sports bowling is 257 and I thought that was very good.

How can you get a strike on Wii fit?

Bowling is not an option on Wii Fit. However, on Wii Sports (and Wii Sports Resort), you get a strike as you normally would in real life bowling.

Can you die on wii sports?

No, but you can get hit by a baseball, K.Od by a fist(via boxing) and can drop a bowling ball on your foot.

What is the record for Wii sports?

My top record for Wii Sports Bowling is 257 and I thought that was very good.

Is there a cheat to get a strike 300 on Wii sports bowling?


Who is the master at wii sports bowling?

suppawit lowmunkong

Why is that Wii Sports - Bowling from the Nintendo Wii gives you more Strikes than Wii Sports Resort - Bowling?

More than likly the bowling activity was not made using the same code so what is considered a strike zone in Wii Sports is larger then that of resort. PRobally a diffrent programer or the programer didnt copy and paste the lines of code for the bowling.

What games come with Wii Sports?

The original Wii Sports includes tennis, bowling, golf, boxing and baseball.

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