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Bowling is not an option on Wii Fit.

However, on Wii Sports (and Wii Sports Resort), you get a strike as you normally would in real life bowling.

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2010-01-16 22:35:55
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Q: How can you get a strike on Wii fit?
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Wii fit and Wii fit plus?

Wii Fit Plus has more activities than Wii Fit & is better than Wii Fit.

Does Costco sell a Wii fit?

They sell the wii fit and wii fit plus disk but nota wii fit

Do you need Wii fit boared to play Wii fit game?

Yes, you need the wii fit balance board to play wii fit or wii fit plus.

Is Wii fit the same as Wii fit plus?

No wii fit plus has more games.

Is Wii plus the same as Wii?

Sorry but there Is NO Wii plus. You see there is the Wii, and then there is the Wii fit, and the Wii fit Plus

Can a Wii remote work with Wii Fit?

Yes a Wii remote can work with Wii Fit.

Is the balance board for Wii fit the same as for Wii fit plus?

Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Family Ski, its all the same board.

How does a Wii help you?

The wii fit makes you fit.

What is the difference between a Wii fit and Wii bundle?

a wii fit is something you use on the wii. Most of the stores are calling the wii bundle something that includes a wii console, and a wii fit.

Do you need the Wii Fit to use the Wii Fit Plus?

No, you do not need the Wii Fit to use Wii Fit Plus. Wii Fit Plus is an upgraded version that has everything Wii Fit has, plus more! You will need the balance board, however.Before 2010...When the Wii Fit Plus was just released in late 2009, you were required to have a saved Wii Fit file on your Wii. The Wii Fit Plus served as a $20 extension to get more fun out of your original Wii Fit.Though, not much later after its initial release, Nintendo bundled the Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus in the same package, so it was no longer required to have an original Wii Fit save file on your Wii to play Wii Fit Plus.

Can you use Wii fit pus without a Wii fit?

You don't need the original wii fit software but you definitely need the wii fit balance board!

Can you upgrade Wii fit to Wii fit plus?

No you can't, your gonna have to buy your own Wii Fit plus.

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