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In Bowling you don't.

Tennis you do.

Baseball you do.

Boxing you do, and you also need a second Nunchuck.

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Q: To play wii sports with a friend do you need a second remote?
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What comes in with a Wii console?

wii remote, nunchuck, and wii sports also all the cables you should need except for the router.

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Yes. To add a second player, all one has to do is turn on a second Wii remote and press the "A" button. Then the second character will automatically become playable. but when i see videos of the game, there are always 2 characters. are you sure that it is also a one player game or do i need a friend to play with me?

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If you want to play boxing against an friend do you need two remotes and nunchuks?

Yes, there is no alternate play for Wii Sports boxing.

How do you get the second remote working?

First you need to sync it with the wii console. Open the panel on the wii console and you'll find a sync button there, and open the battery door on the remote and you'll see a sync button there as well. Click on both of them together and that will sync the remote with your console. You will only need to this once. Then in each game you play you have a way to add a remote (by clicking on buttons 1 and 2 together).

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