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Q: What batteries does the Wii Remote need?
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How many batteries does the Wii remote need?

2 of them

When you press the sync button on the wii an on the Wii remote it still doesn't connect?

because you need to have batteries in the remote and the wii has to be plugged in and on

The Wii comes with a Wii remote charger?

You don't have to buy one. The Wii Remote is designed to use two AA size batteries. The charger packs are a convenience, as you don't have to go out and get new batteries every few hours of gameplay.

Do Wii nunchucks use batteries?

No, the Wii Nunchuk doesn't require batteries. It is wired and is connected to the Wiimote. However you do need batteries for the Wiimote itself to work. There are some wireless nunchuks from third party companies that require batteries though.

Do you need batteries for Guitar Hero wii?

yes they go in your wii remote to plug into the guitar controller (you need AA)

How do you know when your wii remote runs out of batteries?

You'll know when the batteries die when either your Wii suddenly turns off, or your wii remote stops working.

Why wont your wii remote work?

You need to change the batteries or charge it with a charger that you can get at game stop

What type of batteries does guitar hero for wii need?

they take the same as the wii controllers (AA) because you need to plug in the wii remote into the guitar controller to enable it to work.

How do you make your dead wii remote work again?

Put the wii remote and the batteries inside the feeezer,it worked for me.

Can I use the Wii remote charging station with remotes that I already have or do I have to purchase remotes with it?

The Wii Remote Charging station is designed for use with standard Wii remotes. You'll only need to switch to rechargeable batteries.

How do you use a wii remote when its dead?

No, you cannot because the battery is dead. Replace the current 2 AA batteries with a new set of fresh AA batteries (2 of them). If you have no new AA batteries, you should go to your local CVS/Walgreens store to pick some up. You can also use a spare Wii Remote if you have one. If all this fails (besides the spare remote thing), your Wii Remote may need to be replaced.

What do you do if your Wii remote runs out of battery?

Put double A batteries in it