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batteries need to be replaced

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Q: Why is your gas logs or remote beeping?
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Why is my Lincoln Town car 2000 beeping?

If it's beeping with a horn, most likely PANIC mode on the car remote is on.

Where can you find a thermostat remote for a martin gas logs system?

See link below- Martin lists 4 companies as their sales reps.

Can you convert a vented Natural Gas Logs to ventless Natural Gas Logs?

No, converting vented gas logs to ventless gas logs is not recommended. The two systems operate differently, with ventless gas logs needing precise fuel combustion and a dedicated air supply to operate safely. It is best to consult a professional before making any changes to your gas log system.

Can ventless natural gas logs be converted to vented gas logs?

yes it can, open damper in fireplace for drafting while gas logs are being used. As far as converting burners, NO. Ventless and vented burners and logs are different in design.

Where can vent free gas logs be purchased?

Gas logs can be purchased in home improvement stores such as Lowe's. Vent free gas logs are also sold on specialized websites and online retailers such as Amazone.

What can Peterson gas logs be used for?

Peterson gas logs are decorative logs that are not made of actual wood. Therefore, the logs themselves don't burn. They can be used to spice up a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit.

What changes will be made to my fireplace during the installation of gas logs?

During the installation of gas logs, changes may include removing the existing grate and burner, installing a gas line and gas log set, and ensuring proper ventilation and safety measures are in place. It's important to have a professional installer handle the process to ensure it is done correctly and safely.

Why is there soot on gas logs?

Soot on gas logs can be due to incomplete combustion, improper gas flow, or dirty burner ports. It is important to have the gas logs inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation and prevent the buildup of soot, which can be a fire hazard.

Looking for gas logs for a home fireplace.?

You can usually purchase gas logs for a home fireplace at home improvement stores. Home improvements store such as Lowes and Home Depot carry these logs.

The process of transferring transaction logs or journals to an offsite facility is known as what?

Remote Journaling

Do gas logs have gas in log?

Not in that sense of the word. They are typically fireproof structures that look like logs, and are placed above a natural gas or propane gas flame. They appear to be burning, but are simply surrounded by a fire.

Do all gas fireplaces have a pilot?

All unvented gas logs must have a safety pilot. Also all vented gas logs that are for propane must have a safety pilot. Vented gas logs that use Natural gas do not require safety pilots as the pressure is half that of propane although I would still recommend safety pilots on all installs.