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It would take exactly 2555 willow logs.

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Q: In runescape how many willow logs would you have to chop from 50 to 60 woodcutting?
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How do you get woodcutting lvl99 RuneScape?

Chop trees. Logs, Oak Logs, Willow, Yew.

How many willow logs would you have to chop to get from level 35 to 60?

You would need to chop 2793 willow logs from level 35 to level 60 woodcutting.

How many willow logs would you have to chop to get from level 90 to level 99 woodcutting?

You need to cut like 113,898 willows for 90 to 99 Woodcutting. But I seriously recommend yews.

What is the best trees to chop in runescape?

depends on what level you are but if your lvl 68 + i would chop ivy (Members Only) but it is 332-333 exp an ivy that's if you want to get 99 woodcutting fast and not make money

What roots do you chop in the runescape tutorial to get your woodcutting level up to a 2?

Look around the area, there should be roots that look like hands.

How do you get from 79 woodcutting to 99 in how much chop williows?

There are some online Runescape skill calculators that can help you calculate that. Search for one of those.

How do you make ez mils at lvl 3in runescape?

woodcut, woodcut, woodcut, until 60 woodcutting, then chop yews all day long

How many yews do yew have to chop to get from 83 woodcutting to 95 woodcutting?

35k yew

Runescape does armor affect woodcutting ability?

No, armour does not affect woodcutting, only the hatchet you use, the tree you chop, and your woodcutting level affecct the results of woodcutting. Unless, of course, you are wearing or using special amulets, etc. However,I have not yet found an amulet of woodcutting.

Can you use a Beaver summoning creature to access the sawmill training at level 77 woodcutting on Runescape?

just get 80.... quit being lazy and go chop some ivy, but other than that no

How much money do you make a hour from chopping magic trees at level 99 woodcutting on runescape?

I'm 99 wc and I like to chop magic trees, I make around 140k per hr.

What is tree is better and faster for exp a willow or yew?

Cutting willow trees in Free to play is better experience because they chop incredibly fast and there are less bots at willow trees because they are less profitable. I recommend you cut willows until level 85 woodcutting then move onto yew trees. If you are a member than cut maple trees around Seers' Village, they chop a bit slower than willow trees but there are much less bots and there are quite a heap of them to the north-west.