Can someone share friend codes

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, you can share friend codes. (If you have one) You go on your pal pad and then go under register friend code, and then you need their name and friend code. But they need to add you too.

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Q: Can someone share friend codes
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Can people share their friend codes and other information for Animal Crossing on DS?

Try looking for friend code websites online. There are several sites where people share friend codes.

What is your friend code for Wii?

There are many nintendo bases sites that people share friend codes on. A quick search and they can have many codes quickly.

How can you get your Nintendo DS friend code?

You can share friend codes on by the way.

Animal Crossing Wild World WiFi friend codes?

This isn't a Place to share Friend Codes. Try going to Game Faqs and using their forum.

Does anyone have a friend code that gives Dittos in the Friend Safari?

Friend codes by themselves don't give Dittos in the Friend Safari. To get Dittos you will have to get a friend to share one with you.

What are the codes in roblox?

If you mean cheat codes, then there is no. If referral codes, then go to My ROBLOX -> hover your mouse over Share -> Invite a Friend, then there's your referral code.

Who can be a friend?

everyone can be a friend , to share ones feelings with someone and makes us feel happy

Can you play Scribblenauts online?

No, but you can download other people's stages.

What is a true best friend?

A true best friend is someone you can trust and someone who treats you kindly and never lies to you. A best friend is someone you can depend on, someone who you can share your sad times with and your funny times with. A true best friend is someone you can tell anything to!

Where can you find other peoples share or friend codes on online gamesites?

Many online game sites have friend or share codes. You should look on those sites for any that may be posted and that users wish to share. WikiAnswers does not allow any such personal information to be posted here. It is inappropriate to ask on this site for such information. It may also be dangerous and it may be illegal.

What is the Difference between friend and closet friend?

A friend is someone you hang around with, someone you share your joys with and if you have projects at school, you are their partner. You have a lot of fun together. While a close friend is all of that, plus more. A close friend is like a best friend. It is someone you know you can go to when you are down and during your rough times. A close friend is someone who will always be there for you no matter what. You share your joys but also your pain with close friends. You can always trust them and they will always want what is best for you.

Can someone give me friend codes for Pokemon Pearl I have legendary and strong Pokemon?

i will i have many of them