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Not much really, your equipment (e.g Bowling ball, Baseball bat) changes colour (e.g sparkly ball, gold bat)

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Q: What are the pro rewards in wii sports?
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Who is the world breaker of the Wii game Wii sports of tennis?

me im a 10560 pro

What happens when you are pro in Wii sports?

Wii Sports will send a letter to your wii message board stating the following: What sport you earned PRO ranking in, What Mii earned PRO ranking in that sport, The Day PRO ranking was achieved, Number of games that had to be played to earn your PRO ranking in that sport That Mii's debut in WII SPORTS. Your Mii that earned PRO ranking will also this symbol beside their name when they play in the sport that sport they earned pro ranking: [PRO]

What do you get if your a pro on Wii sports baseball?

nothing im a 1540 pro and i dont have anything

What is the highest pro level for tennis on wii sports?

i am a 2008

How do you complete Wii sports?

There really is no way to complete Wii Sports, but you can become a pro on all of the games, and that is a good way to complete it.

What bonusus do you get for being a pro on skydiving in wii sports resort?


What happens on basketball if you become pro on wii sports resort?


What is you is a pro in wii sports baseball?

you don't get anything but that's what know

What happens when you are a pro in Wii sports?

really, you get nothing but the pride of accomplishing the pro status and beating everybody

What happens when you pass level 2000 in wii sports resort?

you are still a pro

How do you become a pro at boxing in wii sports?

score over 1,000 ponits

What happens when you are a pro on Wii Sports?

They send you a note and in tennis you could play with more people, in boxing you could get silver or gold boxing gloves , and in bowling you get more decorative ball that's what you get when you are pro in wii sports!!!!!!!

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How do you get a shiny ball in bowling on Wii sports?

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