Is Lucario a legendary Pokemon

Updated: 4/27/2022
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lucario is and never has been a legend

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Q: Is Lucario a legendary Pokemon
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What is the strongest fighting Pokemon non legendary?


Is lucario a legendary?

No, Lucario isn't a Legendary.

What are the top non-legendary Pokemon?

The top 2 are Metagross and Lucario.

Is the Pokemon named Roilu legendary?

No, even though you can get him only once, he is not legendary. But his evolution, Lucario is pretty good.

Is Lucario alive?

In the movie Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, yes Lucario did in fact die, in the credits they showed him in a heaven like place eating chocolate with Sir Aaron. Just for you information, Lucario is not a legendary Pokemon, and there are in fact more than one.

Is Lucario legendary?


Does breeding shaymin and ditto gets an egg easy?

no rare legendary Pokemon can breed only lucario

Can Ditto and Lucario?

I get what you mean o_0 yes they can, ditto can do *it* with any other Pokemon except certain legendary's

Will Mewtwo be in Super Smash Bros. 3?

No, all characters have been discovered by major gaming websites, and Mewtwo will be neither secret nor starter. He will, however, be replace by the legendary Pokemon, Lucario. Mewtwo will be a trophy, though. A SB3 is SSBB Lucario is a rare Pokemon not a legendary

Can you still recruit jirachi even though you didnt recuit it in Pokemon mystery dungeon red?

No, there is a statue that is you can get 15000 Rescue points and earn the 'Lucario' rank.AnswerUnfortunately, Lucario is a Sinnoh region Pokemon and the Pokemon who can be recruited in Mystery Dungeon Red only go so far as the Hoenn region Pokemon. Thus, you cannot recruit Lucario in that version. As said above, the oly reference to Lucario in the game is the legendary Lucario rank and the Lucario statue (obtained after reaching Lucario rank).

How do you unlock a legendary Pokemon as a character on super smash bros brawl?

You can't. You can only unlock Pikachu, Lucario, Jiggilypuf, & Pokemon Trainer.

What Pokemon are semi legendary?

latios,latias and i think tauros cause i got a legendary Pokemon tin and it showed tauros deoxys raikou on there. some semi legendary Pokemon are rotom (from platinum and Pokemon p/d) lucario (from Pokemon platinum and p/d) (latios and latias are fully legendary Pokemon) hope i helped im 90% im right.