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first you get swinub and then you get it to level 33 and then it evolves into piloswine and then you go to snowpoint city and the move tutor will teach your piloswine ANCIENT POWER

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Q: When does Piloswine learn Ancient Power?
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Does piloswine learn ancient power in LeafGreen?

yes it does

When does piloswine evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes,piloswine can evolve when it learn an ancient power.

Does piloswine learn ancient power?

Yes, go to the move relearner with a heart scale and piloswine. The first move on the list should be ancient power.

When does piloswine learn Ancient Power in Heart Gold?

You have to get then TM ancientpower

How do you get mamoswaun in Pokemon pearl?

You have to have a piloswine and have it learn ancient power. It learns ancient power at level 33, which is when it evolves, so you will need a heart scale abd go to Pastoria city and have your piloswine learn ancient power. Then just grow it a level.

How does piloswine learn ancient power in soul silver?

Take it to the Move Tutor.

How do you make Piloswine learn ancient power?

maybe just level it up............

What level does piloswine need to be to learn ancient power?

33 or 32 i think 33

Where does piloswine learn ancient power?

AncientPower can be bought for 40 BP at the Battle Frontier.

How do you make piloswine evolve mamoswine?

Make it learn ancient power, and then level it up.

How does piloswine learn ancient power in soulsilver?

You have to teach it AncientPower through Move Tutor.

How does piloswine learn ancient power?

you must breed a swinub or a piloswine because to learn ancient power it is a breeding move. once swinub evolves to piloswine you can go to a move tutor and give him a heart scale to have him teach your piloswine ancient power. when you have not raised your swinub/piloswone from an egg ancient power will not be an option however if it was an egg at one time ancient power will be an option. this is kind of an annoying process i know but mamoswine is super powerful for an ice type and totally worth it. and then you can trade it with other versions you have as long as its the right generation.