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No, the option to marry Alistair or Anora are only open to Human Noble characters. If you 'harden' Alistair during his personal quest, then a human mage, or non-human can stay on as his mistress even though he is married to Anora.

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Q: Can you be an elf and marry Alistair in Dragon Age Origins?
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Can you get married in dragon age origins?

A human noble character can offer to marry Anora and rule as king, if male, or marry Alistair and rule as his queen, if female. The marriage itself is mentioned in the ending cutscene.

Does morrigan appear in dragon age awakening?

no the only characters from origins you will see are wynne ohgren and Alistair/AnoraLogain (Alistair Anora and Logain all depend on your actions in origins)

In Dragon Age Origins who is the secret companion?

*spoiler* It is Loghain, you can recruit him during the Landsmeet, but you will lose Alistair if you do so.

What is Alistairs last name?

If you mean the Dragon Age Origins character, it's Theirin, Alistair Theirin.

Who can you romance in Dragon Age Origins?

Alistair ( females only) Morrgian (Males only) Leliana and Zeveran ( Male or female)

How many playable characters is it possible to obtain in Dragon Age Origins?

Alistair, 'Dog', Morrigan, Sten, Leliana, Wynn, Zevran, Oghren, Shale. There is also a secret character who will replace Alistair if chosen.

Do you meet your gray warden from dragon age origins in dragon age 2?

no, but you meet some familiar faces: Flemeth, Alistair, Leliana, Bodahn Feddic and Sandal, Anders from Origins: Awakening, Bann Teegan and Lady Isolde, (Bann Teegan and Alistair in the Viscount Keep Lady Isolde and Bann teegan together in Chateau Haine.) I think that's all of the characters.

In Dragon Age Origins how do you get the Templar Specialization?

You can either buy a Manual that unlocks it, from Bodahn in the party camp, or with high enough approval rating, you can get Alistair to teach it to you.

When will dragon age origins come out?

it won't dragon aren't real and what is dragon age origins

What is alistair's last name in dragon age?


Can you get married on Dragon Age origins for PS3?

Yes, but only if you are a Human Noble. You marry either Alistair if you are female, or Anora if you are male. A lot of people think the City Elf origin is when you get married. Technically, you don't. You almost get married, but the human lord interrupts the wedding.

Is dragon age origins for PS3?

Dragon Age Origins is for PS3, Xbox-360, And PC.