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IN Pokemon platinum you find this Pokemon on route 201(after you get the national pokedex you put fire red version into your DS)and he will appear.Samething with Pokemon pearl and diamond.

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Q: In Pokemon where do you find number 58 in the national pokedex?
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What number is Eevee in the national pokedex?

Eevee's number in the national Pokedex is #133. If you don't know what the Pokemon's number is then go to It is a great site to find Pokemon's number!!

Where can you find Pokemon number?

check the number in your NATIONAL pokedex

What is number 345 in the national pokedex?

#345 in the national pokedex is the Pokemon lileep. you can find 1 with the explorer kit!!!!!!

How do you get the national Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond?

well you need to have all your Pokemon in your pokedex and when you get your national pokedex you will get breed

Where do you find and what is Pokemon number 46 in Pokemon dimand?

If you mean in the sinnoh pokedex than it is WORMADAM If you mean the national pokedex than it is PARAS

Pokemon platinum- find number 139 and 138?

In the Sinnoh Pokedex it is Feebas and Milotic, however, in the National Pokedex it is Omanyte and Omastar.

Where can you find a shiny stones on Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon league cave (after obtaining national pokedex) i am not sure The Pokemon league cave (after obtaining national pokedex) i am not sure The Pokemon league cave (after obtaining national pokedex) i am not sure

Who on Pokemon platinum is number 096 in the pokedex?

Happiny in the sinnoh pokedex and in the national pokedex number 96 is drowzee

How do you get the last Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond?

if you meen the national dex then you need to find every Pokemon in the sinnoh pokedex

What Pokemon is number 51 and 52 in the pokedex and were do you find them?

to see 51, you get manaphy. to see 52, you get the National Pokedex.

Who is number 473 in national pokedex in Pokemon Diamond?

In the National Pokedex in Pokémon Diamond number 485 is the Pokémon Heatran. He can be found in the volcanic caves of the region.

What Pokemon is no 114 in Pokemon Diamond?

If you are talking about the Sinnoh Pokedex, the Pokemon is Unown. If it is in the National Pokedex, I have no idea. But it should be easy to find on one of those online pokedexes.