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By Gold bars of course!!!

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Q: How do you smelt gold bars in RuneScape?
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What is a furnace on RuneScape?

A furnace is where you would smelt ores into bars.

Where is the gold smith in RuneScape?

in oreder for you to smith gold first you will need to get a mold and gold bars then go to a fernace in runescape and smelt it with the mould hope this helped if you have any questions e-mail me at or add my runescape account (CYCLON3X111) or (illdog9512)

Where to buy Gold Bars from?

the grand exchange on runescape

What is the Ring of Forging on RuneScape?

Its so when you smelt iron to make iron bars there is a 0% fail rate.

What do you need to mix to get Iron bars in Rune Scape?

here is how you make no-member bars up to gold: To make Bronze bars, smelt copper and tin ores together. To make Blurite bars, smelt a blurite ore. To make Iron bars, smelt an iron ore. (50% chance of success) To make Silver bars, smelt a silver ore. To make Steel bars, smelt two 2 coal ores and one iron ore together. To make Gold bars, smelt a gold ore. To get a 100% success rate with iron smelting purchase a ring of forging from the grand exchange, northern Varrock. This saves a lot of time and effort and quickly pays for itself.

Where can you buy iron bars on runescape?

You can buy them at the Grand Exchange. Although, it is preffered that you mine iron ore and smelt the ore into bars to raise your mining and smithing level and earn you profit.

How do you smelt silver ore?


How do you make a sapphire amulet on runescape?

a sapphire from an uncut sapphire by using a chisle on it, and smelt a gold bar into a sapphire necklace.

What do you require for cannonballs on runescape?

You must do the dwarven cannon quest, so you can buy the cannonball mold. Then all you need is the mold and steel bars. Which you then smelt together.

How do you get a gold bar in runescape without smithing it?

the only way to smelt already smelted gold bars is to have a mould of one of the crafting items u want to craft having these use the bar on the furnace

How do you get a gold helm on rune scape?

first u mine gold,then smelt about 5 gold bars then go to a smith shop and smith a gold full helm..................P.S its only for mems

How do you make copper bars in Warcraft?

Using your smelt skill you get from purchasing mining you smelt the Copper Ore you get into bars at a ratio of 1:1