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If Ho-Oh faints, he will NEVER come back. So sorry if you didn't save RIGHT before you battle Ho-Oh. Tips: Do NOT use a water and electric type Pokemon on Ho-Oh. It's SUPER effective.

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Q: Can you catch Ho-oh on heart gold if it as fainted?
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Can you catch fainted legendaries again in heart gold?

Yes,you can if you defeat the elite-4 and the champion.

What is the name of the two things you need to get hooh in Pokemon heart gold?

the fog badge and the rainbow wing

Can you try to catch Ho-oh twice in heart gold?

If you caught Ho-Oh, it will not be available again. If you accidentally fainted it, it will reappear at the top of the Bell Tower after you defeat the Elite Four

How do you catch Arceus in heart gold?

You can't catch Arceus in Pokemon heart gold. You must bet it from Pearl, Daimond, or Platinum.

How do you get a hooh with modifier?

Shut up and listen WHAT the hell is hooh hooh or Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon games Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. I don`t exually have an answer for the first question though...

Can you catch a buizle on Pokemon Gold?

Heart gold I think so gold no

How do you catch Regigigas in Heart gold?

You cant

When can you catch lapras in heart gold?

on fridays

Can you catch mew in heart gold or soul silver?


Is there a way to catch two snorelaxes in heart gold?


On heart gold where do you catch cubone?

In Pokemon heart gold Cubone is found in Rock Tunnel and Safari Zone

How do you catch mewto in heart gold?

You can catch MEWTWO ,not Mewto, at the end of Cerulean cave