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He is shot by a sniper after raising his head due to weapon malfunctions.(Failed active reload)

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Q: How does Anthony Carmine die in Gears of War 1?
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Who is clay carmine?

Clay Carmine is going to be the new Carmine in Gears of War 3, the other two Carmines were Anthony (Gears of War) and Benjamin (Gears of War 3) there are even being votes on xbox live on whether Clay will live or die!

Does clay carmine die in gears of war 3?

Clay Carmine might not die in Gears of War 3. The reason for this is when Gears of War 3 was officially announced, they realized that the fans didn't like how Anthony and Ben Carmine died. So Epic Games had a vote whether they wanted him to ''Live'' or ''Die''. Most of the people voted ''Live''.No one knows if Carmine is gonna die in Gears of War 3. So Epic had people vote if He should live in Gears 3 by buying ''Save Carmine'' or ''Carmine must Die''T-Shirts. Almost everyone likes Carmine so he's probably not gonna die--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------carmine is finally gunna live i looked up da votes and carmine is gunna live

Does carmine die in gears of war 3?


How does a carmine in gears of war die?

Anthony gets shot in the head because his gun is jammed, Benjamin falls out of a helicopter and gets killed by locust, Clayton doesn't die

In gears of war does anthomy carmine die?

yes, he gets sniped in the head by a sniper

Does carmine die in gears of war2?

you shouldent be asking... beat the game to find out

Does Benjamin Carmine die in Gears of War 2?

yes, he gets torn apart by a creature when they enter the giant worm. The name of the creature is unknown.

Does cole die in gears of gears of war die?

Not up until now, it is unclear as to whether he will in Gears 3 but I doubt it.In GoW 1, no.

Douse Baird kill Clay Carmine in Gears of war 3?

No one is quite sure because, almost no information on GOW 3 has been released. Although Xbox Live is doing a vote on whether Carmine will live or die!

How does B Carmine die in gears of war 2?

First he gets shot then marcus pulls him on the kingraven and then he falls into a giant riftworm and then they find him getting eaten by insects in the worm

Is layton going to survive in gears of war 3?

yes becausse epic made a poll of if carmine should live or die and you can buy tshirts on xbox and real life

Does baird die in gears of war 3?

Baird does not die.