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Get off Club Penguin and get a job, and grow up you cretin

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Q: What do you have to do to to go behind the clock tower on club penguin?
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Can you get into the secret room behind the clock tower in CLub Penguin?

There is not a room behind the clock tower.

What is the secret code to the room behind the clock tower in club penguin?

fdsuybafhausbfyuhbvdgncfvys far

Is there a secret room behind the clock tower in club penguin?

Yes, behind the clock tower in club penguin,only famous people can go behind it.Example:Aunt Arctic,Gary the Gadget Guy,Rockhopper,Sensei can go behind it.It is a secret room.Inside the room there are many colours for them to choose.I bet Sensei chose gray.Because he is gray. BUT CLUB PENGUIN ROX!!!!!

Club Penguin Clock tower?

At the Snow Forts

Where is the Clock Tower in Club Penguin?

The Clock Tower, built by Gary, (Also known as G.) in Club Penguin, is in the Snow Forts. You can get to the Stadium from the Snow Forts. The Standard Penguin Time showing on the Clock Tower is different from your time on your Standard Computer Time. You can also throw snowballs at the Clock Tower's target or you can get some buddies and have a snowball fight at the Snow Forts, in Club Penguin!

How do you beat clock tower on club penguin?

by hiting it 10 times

How do you complete the clock tower mission in club penguin?

Well, go on utube

Where do you get the correct snow on club penguin mission clock tower?

snow forts

Where is the music sheet for club penguin clock tower errors?

on the piano at the pizza store

What's the new field op on club penguin to do with the clock tower?

hello hi world

How do you beat the first co op at the clock tower on club penguin?

easy,i get in 10th level

What is the secret mission on mission 8 on club penguin?

Restore the missing clock tower gear

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