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its in the little square so you have to surf and its in the upper left hand corner

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Q: How do you get the machine part out of the cerulean gym in the Pokemon gold version?
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How do you get the machine part in Pokemon Heart Gold?

in the cerulean gym next to the tubes

How can you get the train working iin Pokemon Gold version?

Find the machine part in the cerulean city gym its in the water then take it the guy at the power plant now the train will work.

Where is the power plant thief in Pokemon Gold?

Not Heartgold right? But the old Pokemon Gold? The thief is in the gym in Cerulean City.

Where do you find cerulean city in Pokemon gold?

It's in Kanto region.

What Pokemon does the old man by cerulean in Heart Gold want?


Where is Misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

in cerulean city in the gym idiots

How do you trade Pokemon from gold version to crystal version?

If you can trade Pokemon from crystal version to gold version my guess is yes

What is Pokemon solid gold?

well it is a remake of Pokemon gold version there is also a Pokemon pure silver version

Where is bill's grandad in Pokemon Gold?

north of misty's gym in cerulean city

Where is bill's house on Pokemon Heart Gold?

bills house is north of cerulean

Where is the missing piece for power plant in Pokemon gold version?

inthe cerulean gym,at some floats but first u have 2 find that team rocket dude and battle him.

Where to get the machine part to battle misty in Pokemon crystal?

In pokemon gold you have to find first an itemfinder. Then go to the centre of the cerulean gym where there is a square type water is held. Surf in the water until you get the machine part. I know it would take time but believe me you will get there only.