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Not Heartgold right? But the old Pokemon Gold?

The thief is in the gym in Cerulean City.

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Q: Where is the power plant thief in Pokemon Gold?
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What is the electric power station in Pokemon gold?

the power plant

Can you find Electerbuzz in the power plant in Pokemon Gold?

no you can't because the power plant isn't abandoned in Pokemon gold remember you have to find the part for the machine you can catch it in Pokemon fire red or leaf green

Where do you catch elicetbuzz in Pokemon Gold?

Outside of Power Plant in Route 10.

Is electabuzz in Pokemon Gold?

Yeah, he's right by the power plant in Kanto

How do you get to misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you have to fix the power plant and go to the cape

Where to find the power plant on Pokemon heart gold?

South of Route 9

What do you do after you give the part to the manager in the power plant on Pokemon gold?

drinking hukka pani

Where exactly the rocket grunt hide the item of the power plant in Pokemon gold?

the rocket grunt hide the item of the power plant in the gym of celadon

How do you fix the stolen piece of the power plant in Pokemon heart gold?

talk to the guy at the panal

Where is the power plant's tubes in Pokemon gold?

It's right beside the pink, near the water.

Where do you find electobuzz in Pokemon Blue?

You can't, you have to trade from Red, Gold Silver, or Crystal. Red is inside power plant. The others are outside power plant.

What fat man sits at the power plant in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Its in the blah world blah secret